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Howzr: Guitar/Vocals
Chris Moran: Drums/Vocals
Brian Lawlor: Bass

Slim Wray just released their new single, “Take It Or Leave It,” from their forthcoming EP, out this summer. After touring regionally throughout 2014, the band settled into Bunker Studios in South Williamsburg Brooklyn to record their upcoming release, which boasts “raucous guitar chords and growling vocals with an adrenaline blast.” (C​raveOnline)​

Founded by Ryan Houser (vocals/guitar) and Chris Moran (drums/vocals), who had previously collaborated in other NYC-based projects, updated their sound and formed Slim Wray in 2012. ​The line-up was later completed with the addition of Brian Lawlor (bass).

In 2013, they released their debut album S​ack Lunch. Melding their influences from classics like The Kinks, MC5 and early Stones with contemporaries including The Black Keys and King Tuff, "Slim Wray eschew the borough’s too-cool-for-school reputation in favor of a fuzzed-out take on blues, garage rock and good old-fashioned rock'n'roll." (E​lmoreMagazine​)

Slim Wray are "in a word, radical." (T​he Aquarian Weekly)​. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Slim Wray as they head out on tour this spring in anticipation of their summer release.